The Bridgehill Group aims to engage the best designers, architects and builders to deliver projects of the highest quality.

We design our buildings from the end-user out. This means we look at who will be living within our buildings and do all we can to make sure they enjoy residing at a Bridgehill development. We’re constantly striving to think outside the box, to deliver innovative living spaces that represent great value for investment. We do not skimp on fixtures and fittings and we create stylish, classic interiors that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

The hallmarks of a Bridgehill development are clever design, innovative materials, and living spaces that are efficient, adaptable and entwine with outdoor life. We look at maximising natural light, creating lush garden spaces that are usable, connect with the local surroundings and adding amenities to ensure our developments create their own sense of “neighbourhood” by the enjoyment of communal spaces such as landscaped gardens, courtyards, BBQ areas and harbour-side walkways.

We carefully choose the locations of our developments, selecting only sites that offer great existing nearby amenities such as retail, entertainment, community facilities, and a range of public transport options.

Above all, our projects reflect our absolute commitment to delivering residential apartments that will enhance the lives of the people who live there.