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Earning international recognition as a 5-Star award-winning property developer, the commitment to the philosophy of "Beyond Development" is evidently the driving force behind Bridgehill’s success.

The three pillars of Foward-thinking, Belongingness, and User Co-creation that constitute our approach reflect Bridgehill’s holistic mindset. The dedication to constant innovation, drawing inspiration from community heritage, anticipating the future requirements of residents and engaging end-user’s roles and initiatives are key aspects that set Bridgehill apart.

The successful delivery of over 1,809 apartments valued at over $2 billion is a remarkable achievement, and it's commendable that Bridgehill's legacy extends beyond significant urban redevelopment projects like Milsons Point, Green Square, Mascot and Rhodes to include a substantial $1.5 billion suburban green field redevelopment initiative near Wollongong. This diversity in project scope, whether urban or suburban, residential or commercial, showcases Bridgehill's versatility in creating homes where dreams reside.

Industrial Awards

Properties are far beyond physical shields of our lives. They are inherited from histories and culture, and borne with different styles and qualities. Bridgehill believes that it is in honour bound to create built environments; and such belief has in return compromised its honour. Reviewing Bridgehill’s developments in the past years, you can always find outstanding merits accredited by local and international organisations.


IPA - Monaco (Rhodes)

  1. Mixed-Use Development Australia
  2. Architecture Multiple Residence Australia
  3. Residential Development Australia
  4. Best Mixed-Use Architecture Australia
  5. Best Apartment/Condominium Australia
  6. Best Residential High-Rise Architecture Australia
  7. Best Residential High-Rise Development Australia


IPA - UNO & JADE (Green Square)

  1. Apartment for Australia
  2. Architecture Multiple Residence for Australia
  3. Mixed-use Architecture for Australia
  4. Mixed-use Development for Australia
  5. Residential Development for Australia
  6. Best Residential Development for Australia
  7. Residential High-rise Development
  8. Best Residential High-rise Development


Urban Taskforce - Esprit (Mascot)

Mixed Uses development 2018

IPA - Esprit (Mascot)

  1. Residential High-rise Development
  2. Residential Development Multiple Units for Australia
  3. Architecture Multiple Residence for Australia
  4. Best Architecture Multiple Residence for Australia
  5. Mixed-use Architecture for Australia
  6. Best Mixed-use Architecture for Australia


IPA - Bridgehill Residences (Milsons Point)

  1. Architecture Multiple Residence Australia
  2. Best Architecture Multiple Residence Australia


MBA - Monaco (Rhodes)

House Unit (500,001 – 700,000)

our valued partners

Our projects are the result of collaborative partnerships. By teaming up with the right thinkers and artisans who share our enthusiasm and vision, we bring to life spaces that not only spark imagination but also have deep meaning.