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Beyond Development

The ethos of ‘Beyond Development’ communicates a vision that extends beyond the physical structures to encompass a holistic and thoughtful approach to property development. It is to set a high standard for both aesthetic design and the integration of social elements, indicating an aspiration to create developments that serve as models in those aspects.

Bridgehill Footprint

Maintaining a legacy built on consistent commitment is a testament to our dedication to our approach in the real estate industry. As we continue to shape communities and contribute to their development, it's evident that Bridgehill is making a significant impact.

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Our Approach


Properties last for centuries. The emphasis on forward-thinking suggests a proactive and visionary approach, anticipating and adapting to the evolving needs of the world and the communities we serve.

Being forward-thinking often involves embracing innovation, staying ahead of industry trends, and anticipating the future requirements of residents and businesses. It encourages an approach that takes into account new technology, new materials and societal shifts. It's not just about meeting current needs but also about creating spaces and developments that stand the test of time.


Right properties for right people with right prices. Bridgehill takes a holistic and community-oriented approach to all its developments. Our commitments to story-telling design, deep understanding of local contexts, and creation of enduring, vibrant neighborhoods underscore a vision that goes beyond the physical structures to foster a sense of belonging and sustainability within the communities we build.


The emphasis on user co-creation as Bridgehill's core value is noteworthy and reflects a commitment to involving and engaging stakeholders in the property development process. User co-creation signifies a collaborative approach where the preferences, needs, and insights of the end-users play a pivotal role in shaping the development projects.

This approach is highly beneficial as it ensures that the final outcome aligns closely with the expectations and requirements of the community or individuals for whom the developments are intended. By actively involving users in the decision-making process, Bridgehill is likely to create spaces that resonate with the people who will live, work, or interact with them.

Industrial Awards

Properties are far beyond physical shields of our lives. They are inherited from histories and culture, and borne with different styles and qualities. Bridgehill believes that it is in honour bound to create built environments; and such belief has in return compromised its honour. Reviewing Bridgehill’s developments in the past years, you can always find outstanding merits accredited by local and international organisations.

Our awards


IPA - ALBA & LUNA (Green Square)

  1. Best Residential High Rise Architecture Australia
  2. Mixed Use Development Australia
  3. Best Architecture Multiple Residence Australia
  4. Best Mixed Use Architecture Australia
  5. Apartment / Condominium Development Australia


IPA - Monaco (Rhodes)

  1. Mixed-Use Development Australia
  2. Architecture Multiple Residence Australia
  3. Residential Development Australia
  4. Best Mixed-Use Architecture Australia
  5. Best Apartment/Condominium Australia
  6. Best Residential High-Rise Architecture Australia
  7. Best Residential High-Rise Development Australia


IPA - UNO & JADE (Green Square)

  1. Apartment for Australia
  2. Architecture Multiple Residence for Australia
  3. Mixed-use Architecture for Australia
  4. Mixed-use Development for Australia
  5. Residential Development for Australia
  6. Best Residential Development for Australia
  7. Residential High-rise Development
  8. Best Residential High-rise Development


Urban Taskforce - Esprit (Mascot)

Mixed Uses development 2018

IPA - Esprit (Mascot)

  1. Residential High-rise Development
  2. Residential Development Multiple Units for Australia
  3. Architecture Multiple Residence for Australia
  4. Best Architecture Multiple Residence for Australia
  5. Mixed-use Architecture for Australia
  6. Best Mixed-use Architecture for Australia


IPA - Bridgehill Residences (Milsons Point)

  1. Architecture Multiple Residence Australia
  2. Best Architecture Multiple Residence Australia


MBA - Monaco (Rhodes)

House Unit (500,001 – 700,000)

Bridgehill not only prioritise qualities in design & construction but also take innovative and forward-thinking approaches across all developments.

Yibin Xu

Managing Director of Bridgehill