Luxe ‘convertible’ residences unveiled in Sydney’s Green Square

July 10, 2023
The residences come in a range of sizes and layouts.

A new project in the heart of Sydney promises residents an unparalleled living experience in terms of style and innovation.

Apartment living is the future for the urban dweller, and ALBA, a new artful development in the heart of Sydney is a project appealing to the next generation’s expectations.

Sitting in the affluent Green Square precinct, the location is difficult to beat, but it’s the project’s innovative features and stunning craftsmanship that are really turning heads.

An ever-popular location
Zetland, 3km south of Sydney’s CBD, is an up-and-coming suburb and ALBA is sitting in a prime position, situated in the upscale neighbourhood of Green Square.

This is a buzzing urban centre in the suburb offering up plenty of choices when it comes to open spaces, cafes, patisseries, shopping, pubs and restaurants.

It’s also a location that has excellent accessibility with the Green Square Train Station at its centre. Active residents also have the option to walk or bike to the city.

Anne Flaherty, economist says it’s not surprising that this suburb is getting a lot of attention as people reignite their fervour for the city after the pandemic.

“Inner-city Sydney suburbs like this will never see demand go away,” she explains.

“Sydney is the hub of Australia’s industry and commerce sectors, so Zetland being within a walkable distance of the CBD will always appeal to buyers.”

Units in the area have also fared much better than other areas across Australia in the current market.

“The median price is down 2.5 per cent over the past 12 months to the end of March, which is a smaller reduction than we’ve seen in Greater Sydney more broadly. That is a sign that there is still strong demand in the area,” she explains.

“Another signal of demand that shows this area’s popularity is unit rents. These have increased by 23% over the same period, which is pretty good.”

Standout style
While an inner-city location is key, buyers also want imaginative and comfortable living spaces, and ALBA is a development that leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to style and liveability.

Yibin Xu, Managing Director, says Bridgehill teamed up with Sissons and McNally Architects to create an artful design, including the stunning terracotta exterior and the vaulted lobby space lined with engineered timber and glass.

“People really appreciate aesthetics, and for us, it was very important,” Mr Xu says.

“It’s about workmanship. It’s about creating a masterpiece rather than just building something that is brick and mortar.”

ALBA has one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, and a penthouse range, each featuring a mix of superb materials and fittings that display individuality and character.

The residences come in a range of sizes and layouts.
The residences come in a range of sizes and layouts.

There are various layouts to choose from, and some apartments are split over two levels, like a townhouse, for buyers interested in dynamic living spaces.

These unique options results in an unusual layout that also has its advantages.

Corridors on every level flood the interiors with light and fresh air, and apartments are grouped together in twos and threes, creating intimate communities.

The approach also allows some units to exist without adjoining walls, appealing to buyers who value their peace and quiet, as well as privacy.

It’s also a building with plenty of amenities.

On the ground floor, there’s a mix of retail stores, a business lounge and a community lounge.

On the roof, there’s the private sky terrace where residents can escape the hustle and bustle with excellent views across the neighbourhood.

The rooftop terrace offers residents the chance to relax and unwind.
The rooftop terrace offers residents the chance to relax and unwind.

Ingenuity at its best

Along with the visual appeal, buyers will also find a range of innovative concepts and technological features incorporated at ALBA designed to enhance daily life.

Firstly, some apartments have been specially created to incorporate convertible living spaces.

“This means you can borrow the space you use at night to expand the living area during the day,” explains Mr Xu.

This is achieved with the installation of solid walkable walls that enable residents to adapt the space.

These can be moved to extend the loungeroom for when residents have guests or create a separate space like a home office, kids’ playroom, or guest room.

Flaherty says the ability to adapt to the space is undoubtedly a game changer.

“Buyers really value flexibility, and to maximise every square meter of space is valuable,” she says.

“Buyers can change the property depending on their changing needs which will be really appealing.”

Another catchy feature is the lobby facial recognition intercom system which adds an extra level of security.

“We know when someone is buying an apartment that they are focused on location, quality and price, but with ALBA, we are trying to do something different innovatively, which we think buyers will respect.”

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